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If you put others before you it means that you’re either outside of your own circle or that you’re in it but not in the centre – that is a .

Remember that when you neglect you, any ‘ole body can come along with a crumb and between you and this person it will be inflated into a loaf because it will appear to be more than you’re already giving to you.

, a tale of male nurse Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) who spends the weekend at his girlfriend’s parents home and has to deal with her nightmare father played by Robert De Niro, you will recall how part of poor Greg’s stress is about being allowed into The Byrne Family Circle of Trust.

When the father thinks that Greg has been smoking weed, he reminds him that once he’s out of the circle, he’s out and can’t be let back in.

The key thing to recognise is that everyone’s Circle of Trust is different.

For instance, sticking with someone who you can’t trust should come with a major hazard warning.

There would need to be consistent evidence over time and they shouldn’t be granted ‘inner circle’ status immediately or too quickly.

It should go without saying but bearing in mind the stories that people share with me each day about their experiences with people they don’t trust, here it is: If you don’t trust someone, they shouldn’t be in your Circle of Trust.

Family doesn’t automatically qualify for being within your ‘inner circle’ unless you have the high degree of trust with each family member.

You can love a family member but they may be further out in your circle (you trust them but you would be cautious over certain things or you just know your limits) and…

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