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I have skinny dipped with her in our pool which always led to sex out in the yard! We have always had an openness about sex with our children, within the normal age appropriate limits.

Judy has sunbathed topless when the kids were not around.

Seeing her naked, I wanted to do it right then and there, but she reminded me that today was our "nudist day" with the kids. Sadie giggled a bit looking at us, and Rob had his eyes fixed on his step-mom. With Sadie gazing down at ny cock, it took everything I had not to get a hard on. And I would be taking out my lust on her mother that night. Judy was applying lotion to his chest, as he rested on his back.

We promote positive values through healthy lifestyle habits. Last week's World Naked Bike Ride from Portland, OR with over 10,000 people.

Knowing how guys think, I could imagine Rob wondering what Judy and Sadie looked like naked. Primal urges can take over no matter how civilized we think we are. (We usually had a sex a few times during the weekends. After cleaning up we headed downstairs to the living room. He was slow at it and so she got her fingers inside the waistband and pulled them down. I got an aching erection again and I decided not to control it anymore. I continued to "read" and I looked from the magazine and saw her looking closely at my hard cock like I hoped she would. I had no intention on touching her, but it was the idea she could see me like this that turned me on. I could sense some flirting between Judy and Rob, and even Sadie seemed more focused on him. I came home early from work one day and noticed Rob, Judy and Sadie by the pool on their towels.

During the work week was harder to find the energy. In the living room were Rob, wearing his bathing suit, and Sadie in bra and underwear. They stared at us, with a surprise in their eyes, checking out our bodies. We told them that they had agreed to try this "nudity", and now they needed to get their clothes off! Better she be the one to urge Sadie to get naked instead of me. I realized I like exposing myself to her like that. I was not as big as Rob, almost 8 inches long, and very thick. I peeked at them from behind some shrubs near the house.

I thought about it and wondered how Rob and Sadie would feel about it. Rob is the true athlete of the family and in top shape. And she enjoyed it that he had no control right now of that cock!

We have always had a great communication with them and have gone through the usual ups and downs you do with teenagers. Having said that, it is obvious she has a great body. She is a cheerleader and does dance at the local theater. Might have to do with her never getting it from her real father, who was never in her life. He has the six pack stomach, and muscles everywhere from his workouts and weight training. He and his sister don't always get along, though, and it seems like they are always bickering. They also seem to be very competitive with each other. Rob had plenty of friends who often asked him if he had ever seen her naked. Chapter 3: Awkward Moments So, we hung out all day, nude, swam in the pool, and had lunch.

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