Dating with witchcraft

For three centuries in Europe, where the witch persecutions began, vast numbers of women were destroyed by the ruthless campaigns of the witch hunters; of the few hundred thousand people executed for witchcraft, 85% were women.

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In the Western civilization this is most explicit in the story of Adam and Eve. According to scholar Richard Cavendish, Pandora's name "may mean 'all-giving' and was perhaps originally a title of the Earth Goddess" (3056).It has been three hundred years since the infamous Witch Trials took place in Salem, Massachusetts, where fourteen women and five men were led to their deaths at Gallows Hill.Of that amount, the women outnumbered the men three to one, a substantial majority.It was in these rural areas that the strength of the Church had to be concentrated.The inquisition, a Catholic group that was set up to enforce the laws of the church, realized that the witch persecutions would provide an effective mechanism for ridding Europe of rival religious powers, as well as force women into total submission to the male establishment.

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