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And the environment that dairy products operate in is becoming more hostile all the time, as anti-dairy groups turn up the heat.

In fact, a section of the report comes under the heading of A category under attack because thats what it is when those researchers monitored online discussions.

At the time I commented it would result in opportunities for the best performing farmers and casualties in terms of the loss of their TSDG contract for the worst performers as Tesco keep the best and shed the worst.

Almost two years later and 40 (5.7% ) of Tescos worst performing dairy farmers have been served six months notice because their QVIS score falls into the bottom 5%.

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Dont shoot the messenger, but the milk market is tanking down now!That boat has sailed, with some purchasers having accurately read the market while others appear to be reactionary and leader-followers. ) increase prices for November, December and possibly even January the followers have little option but to say we cant recover any extra money, so we cant continue to increase farm gate prices.At the same time, they will waiting like vultures for the first opportunity (or excuse) to cut farm gate milk prices.Shockingly the worst only achieved a miserable score of 29 having failed to meet the standards in a combination of areas including animal welfare, milk quality, carbon foot printing, environmental management.In fact, on analysis, if a producer scored maximum points in the health index or carbon foot printing it is highly unlikely they would figure in the bottom 5%.

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