Ryan gosling and rachel mcadams dating again

I'd much rather talk about him." It's not a defensive gesture; he is genuinely self-effacing.Perhaps more so than normal, given his soaring level of success. He appeared in three hit films, gathering a couple of Golden Globe nominations for two of them – Emma Stone's character voices the thought of millions when she looks at Gosling's washboard abs and pronounces, "please tell me those are photoshopped." His career was sealed from that moment on.

But director Ruben Fleischer has reunited Gosling and Stone for, a slick, brutal film noir, set in Los Angeles in 1949.

It's this trait that, frustratingly, makes him even more attractive.

Wrapped in new-man cashmere, he fixes those baby blues on you and immediately starts asking the questions himself."Have you ever met Arnie? Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Los Angeles, with a new film. " My mom had a picture of him on the fridge when I was growing up – he was on a horse.

"Everything was new and magical."Perhaps that's why Gosling is loath to enjoy his success – because he knows how quickly both the success and the enjoyment of it can be lost. "His tone isn't aggressive – Gosling is softly spoken most of the time – but he seems genuinely curious to see if other people think he's in danger of over-exposure.

Asked about his fame, he responds quickly with, "That means the clock is ticking and it's about to go wrong. It's quite possible that he would disappear for a while.

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