Sex subcription

Women who buy their makeup at or don’t have the pleasure of tinkering with new mascaras, lipsticks, or moisturizers as they would at a beauty counter.

In 2010, Birchbox founders Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna had a simple business idea to solve this situation: They devised a monthly service that delivers a box of carefully curated samples to women’s doorsteps for .“The idea was to leverage the subscription model to be part of the product discovery process,” Beauchamp says.

It helped that the boxes were beautifully packaged, so women felt they were receiving a gift in the mail.

“This business is about the art of giving to yourself,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD, a consumer market research group.

The collection will launch later this fall and of course we'll keep you updated on all the sexy happenings.This ensures you'll get something you're excited to use.And if you're interested in the woman-friendly toys the company has curated but don't want to subscribe just yet, you can shop for one-offs right on the site.It's random what box you get, which really is part of the fun of it.If you're really not into the theme or an item in the box, you can request a replacement for an item of similar value.

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