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For a genre that delights in its tropes (and oh, do I delight in a good automata,) it was a reminder that they can’t stand on their own without solid characters, conflicts, and, yeah, maybe traveling a bit away from London. Day of the Dragons: Girl in the Corner and Day of the Dragons: Ballroom Blitz are two novella-length stories in the Clockhaven Chronicles series produced by Penny Gaff but in a very different style to A Drop of the Venom by Andrew Mc Curdy that I reviewed earlier this year. Attendance to the cons seems to be holding steady with some slight increases, and the smaller events are attracting more mainstream attendees and interest.(Though maybe not too far – there were a few good stories that left the real world behind altogether and opted for building new steampunk worlds for their settings, but the strongest pieces in the anthology were without fail rooted at least a bit in history.) If you’re looking for many hundreds of pages of steampunk that mix the tropes we know and love with settings and histories you might not have encountered before, Best of Spanish Steampunk is definitely worth a look. CHAMBERS Publisher: Penny Gaff Publishing reviewed by Leanne Tough Another triumph for Penny Gaff Publishing, this time delivered by author P. They are the first two in a four-part serialisation. Non-USA participation is way up, with each country and culture bringing their own unique perspective and creativity to the fore.I’d highly recommend that you download them, curl up with your tablet, and enjoy. I don’t suppose you might know of any suitable candidates to join the Airship? Each of those things become a rallying point and are causes for celebration.Preferably with a strong cup of tea to steady your nerves–though I can’t promise it won’t go cold. MF: There have been LOADS of good Steampunk Movies though.At the very least, we can support each other, in all our different ways, in all our different lives, and continue to share our interests.(Oh, and dieselpunk will probably be the next thing to capture mainstream attention. KS: I suppose the easy answer is that all of the ‘famous’ people were once ‘up and coming’ themselves.

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If you don’t, but you have some spare pennies kicking around and you want to help us make this last issue truly awesome, use the donate button below and we’ll put your cash to hard work by commissioning some truly awesome pieces of art. There’s really nothing more awesome than waking up to find twelve hundred pages of steampunk sitting in your inbox.Episode two finds our hapless hero still caught up in situations beyond his ken, helped (or rather hindered) by his friends and still determined to continue his own work. Tegan is named after one of my favorite characters on Doctor Who, Tegan Jovanka, the brash, outspoken Australian airline attendant who stumbles into the Doctor’s life and travels. Coincidentally, in the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore’s sister’s name is Arianna. If your friends and acquaintances don’t reflect your high standards and interesting nature, well, that’s no crime against you. But pushing an agenda to meet more people around the world? MF: It’s not- It’s just that- See, but we’re still talking about it KS: You haven’t denied knowing someone suitable, yet. It will always appeal to a certain group of people, and that group may grow and shrink, but it will always be there.Plus, the author throws a little romance and a lot of excitement into the bargain. But to be quite open and honest, there is no Miss, Misses, or Ms. The only women in my life are my two girls, Tegan and Arianna. However, there is an opportunity for a Mister Ambassador. Some things that would help maintain that interest, though, would be increased book sales and online feedback, blog feedback, social media sharing, and a really good steampunk movie would be fantastic!Both stories follow Stanislaus Pulaski, an American engineer whose success gets him more than he bargained for. Accessories seems to be good business – jewelry, hats, corsets, and full outfits. Overall, steampunk will see its own cycle of less and then more interest.Episode one sees him on the peaceful island of Curacao, transforming from indentured genius-engineer to unwitting hero caught up in a bitter conflict between the Empire and the rebels within. You know your “Gay Agenda.” KS: Well, Madeline if you don’t know anyone, you can just say so. Mainstream interest will eventually move on to the Next Big Thing, but I believe that interest in steampunk will remain and endure.

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